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We welcome feedback from attendees, churches and promoters about an experience at one of our artist’s shows via our contact form below.

General Questions

How much will my deposit fee be and when is it due?

Booking fees vary depending on each artist and/or speaker is booked. Typically, the deposit fee is less than half of the agreed booking price. Deposit fee is due at the same time as your signed contract.

What methods of payment do you accept for my deposit?

Checks, cashier checks, and online payments are acceptable.

Will I get my deposit back if I cancel my date?

All booking fees are final so no deposits will be returned.

How much does it cost to book an artist?
  • Pricing depends on several factors that are different for each artist and date, including availability and travel considerations.
  • Beyond the artist’s fee, there are also other costs that may come along with booking an artist – typically the promoter (purchaser) is responsible for providing meals, hotels and production (sound and lights) for their show.

Artist Related Questions

Can I meet the artist at the concert?

The artist management company is responsible for meet and greets at concerts. Please direct your request to them. You can typically find this information on the artists’ official website on the contact us page.

Where do I get permission to use one of your artist's songs for worship, special projects, etc.?

The artist’s management can direct you to the appropriate publishing contact that controls all aspects of song use – you can typically find management contact information on the artist’s website. Replenish Productions is not able to give anyone permission to use an artist’s work for any reason.

How do I contact one of your artists directly?

We are not able to give out personal contact information for our artists, nor are we able to pass along personal messages to the artist. You may write to the artist’s management contact or check the artist’s website for contact information – all artists enjoy reading about how their ministries have reached the lives of others and would love to hear from you.

Booking Questions

I've never hosted an artist before - how does the booking process work?
  • Step 1: Contact a Replenish Productions agent to confirm that the artist you want is available on the date of your proposed event; this is also a good time to discuss the cost and other factors that will be involved with your event and plan your offer.
  • Step 2: Submit an offer via the Replenish Productions website for the desired artist and/or speaker.
  • Step 3:Management, will approve, decline or counter the offer. This process can take anywhere from 24 hours to several business days.
  • Step 4: Once your offer has been approved, you will receive a contract via email from our contract administrator that you will need to sign and return along with your deposit to finalize your date.
  • Step 5: Begin promoting your date!
Who books travel for the artist?

If you are providing flights as part of your contract agreement, the artist manager may prefer to book the flights for the artist and then ask for reimbursement. On occasions, the artist’s manager may request that you book the flights directly, but as a rule, never book travel without speaking to the manager first.

How do I know if an artist's calendar is open on a certain day?

You can get a good idea of an artist’s availability by checking the artist’s profile and looking at the tour dates listed on the Replenish Productions website. However, this may not account for personal blocks which are not listed on our website, so the best way to find out if an artist is open is to contact Replenish Productions directly by phone or by email.

Will your artist donate their time for our fundraising event?

Unfortunately, we don’t schedule any of our artists without covering their expenses. However, there are still ways to schedule a benefit event that can work for both sides. By seeking sponsors to help cover the artists expenses, all ticket revenue can be retained by the benefit and used as an effective fundraiser. The event sponsor(s) will gain favorable exposure by association with the cause and with the artist, so it can serve as both a tax write-off and great publicity for a local business.

I've submitted an offer using the Replenish Productions Offer Form - now what?

After management has received the offer, they will review it to make sure everything is accurate and contact you if there are any questions. Based on the response from management, this process can take anywhere from less than 24 hours to several days depending on the factors involved. You’ll receive updates from Replenish Productions throughout the process to keep you informed of the status.

Will your artist play weddings, birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, etc.?

Request can be made for an artist to perform at your special event. Typically our artist perform at concerts, festivals, conferences, and churches

Will your artists play for a love offering only?

Replenish Productions does not typically book artist with a love offering.

After I receive the contract, how soon do I need to send it back?

The contract should be sent back within 2 weeks of receiving it. If you did not receive your contract, please contact Replenish Productions for a new copy. The rider and contract will need to be filled out andsigned with the deposit.

Technical/Rider Questions

Who should I call if I have questions about the rider?

The artist’s manager creates the rider and will be available to answer any questions you may have – his or her contact information will be listed on the first page(s) of the rider.

What is the backline gear?

Backline gear is the artist’s personal equipment that they cannot easily fly to a date. This includes guitar and bass amps, drum sets, keyboards, pianos, etc. A list of necessary gear will be included in the rider if you have booked an artist that will be flying to your event.

Promotional Questions

How do I approach my local Christian radio station about coming on board and sponsoring the event?

Call the station and ask for the person who is in charge of promotions. Tell them about your event and ask what the station might be able to do to help support it. The support of Christian radio can be very important to your event depending on your market, so this is a relationship that you want to focus on early in your event planning. For more info about promoting a Christian concert.

Where can I go to get promotional materials for my event?

Current photos and biographies can be found in the Artists section of our website. Artwork for posters and flyers along with other media such as videos, prepared radio spots, etc. (when available) may be acquired by contacting artist management directly using the contact information in your rider.

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